Delhi: Auto Drivers Go On Strike Amidst Sharp Hike In Cng Prices


With a sharp hike in CNG prices, some sections of auto drivers in Delhi call for a strike today over CNG price hikes. The associations of auto, cab and  taxi drivers will hold protests at Jantar Mantar today according to news agency ANI report.

A driver says, “Work is affected as the price of CNG is rising every day. Old meter rates are still being followed.”

Meanwhile cab, and taxi drivers in the city have threatened to go on an “indefinite strike” from April 18 if the government doesn’t provide subsidy on the fuel or increase the fare. Around 1 lakh auto rickshaws are currently plying in the national capital.

Rajendra Soni, Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh’s general secretary, said that the price hike in rates of CNG is “unprecedented” and it is becoming hard for taxi, cab, and auto drivers to survive.

CNG prices in the national capital on Thursday were hiked for the second day in a row by 2.50 per kilogram, taking the total increase since March to 12.5 per kg.

CNG in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi now costs 69.11 per kg, up from 66.61 per kg a few days ago, according to the information posted on the website of Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL) – the firm which retails CNG and piped cooking gas in the national capital and adjoining cities.

The increase in CNG prices follows an overall hike by 10 per litre in petrol and diesel prices in the past 16 days, and a 50 per cylinder jump in the LPG rates.

*With inputs from agencies

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