If Lemon Prices Soar, Can Memes About It Be Far Behind? Read Here


Lemon, the beautiful citrussy additive to make your summers bearable might have just upped its value game. 

As prices for the every household’s basic necessity, lemon, went up to 300 per kilogram in Delhi, that nimbu paani was a drink twice thought about. 

The price of lemon went up to a whopping 350/kg in New Delhi’s INA market. In Noida on Thursday, lemons were selling for up to 280/kg. Experts have cited the imbalance in demand and supply for the rise in price of lemon.

The yellow fruit, one would buy without a second thought like their dhaniya (coriander leaves) and mirch (green chili), lemon is now a standout item, owing to inflation. 

Lemon has seems to have joined the wagon of LPG, petrol, Diesel and gold in rising prices. 

Notably the meme makers took no time to hop up on the subject. By the middle of the day, social media platforms were replete with hilarious memes mocking the rise in lemon prices. Lemon was also compared to LPG, Petrol and Diesel. 

India witnessed its hottest March in 122 years, the hottest since 1901, when the process of keeping weather records first started. The temperatures remained in the mid-30s for most of the month, rising to touch almost 40 degrees Celsius in the last 10 days.

Here’s a peak into the meme mine on lemon prices in India

Some went back to Raju Rastogi’s mother, from Raju Hirani directed movie 3 idiots, complaining about Paneer and it hike in price, only this time meme makers put lemon in her statement. See here

Remember when India’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman became a meme subject after she allegedly said she does not consume onions on being questioned about the rising prices of the same? Well the lemon gods have spoken.. lo and behold!

Inflation while witnessing a severe rise in prices of commodities have also seen all sorts of creative minds trying to pitch into the tragi-comedy. Here are a few examples

When Vimbar took stage

Every Indian household’s safe space for valuables- the Tjori

Well of course, the ‘Indian mother’ has a feature.

So does the ‘Middle Class’


And saving them best for the last. If citizen of the country wasn’t already reeling under continuous hike in fuel prices, petrol and diesel, now another citrussy liquid have just the band.

See the posts here

“When life gives you lemons, sell it to buy oil #LemonPrice,” wrote another Twitter user.

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