Mother ties son to pole, rubs chilli powder on his eyes for cannabis addiction


In another story of an India mother, a Twitter user shared a video of a woman from Telangana, who rubbed chili powder onto her 15-yr-old son’s eyes  when she figured that her son was getting addicted to Marijuana. 

For the uninitiated, Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant.

“A mother found out that her 15-yr-old son was becoming ganja addict and came up with unique treatment by tying him to a pole & rubbed Chilli powder in his eyes until he promises to quit,” informed a Twitter user.

Unique treatment indeed.

See the video here

The video of the mother from Telangana rubbing chili powder in her son’s eyes to punish him for his marijuana addiction has gone viral over social media. The mother had tied her 15-year old son to a pole and resorted to this punishment after all her efforts to wean her son away from marijuana were thwarted.

According to a report in Sakshi, the woman is Ramanamma, a daily wage earner from Suryapet district. Her husband is a rickshaw driver. The son used to attend school before the pandemic, but dropped out later.

After quitting school, the son got addicted to marijuana and stayed that way despite several warnings. The report also mentioned that the son had gone missing for ten days before he came back all drugged up. 

That is when Ramanamma took matters in her hand and decided to mete out a unique treatment to her drug addicted son. She tied him to a pole and rubbed chilli powder on his eyes.

The Sakshi report said that the video was shot by a neighbour and released on social media. The local police have registered a case against the mother. 

Speaking to Sakshi, Ramanamma said that she had to resort to this extreme act after the boy refused to mend his ways. She added that they would often find him lying on roads in a drugged state and they would carry him back.

The video has come at a time when there was a drug bust at an upscale pub in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Police on Sunday raided the pub in the city’s Banjara Hills for operating beyond its permitted hours and detained around 150 people, including actor Niharika Konidela and Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 winner and Tollywood singer Rahul Sipligunj. 

The crackdown led by the Hyderabad Police Task Force took place in the wee hours of Sunday at Pudding and Mink pub housed inside Radisson Blu hotel. Three pub owners have been booked under the NDPS Act.

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