Several meat shops remain shut due to Navratra


In the view of nine-day Navratra festivals, meat shops have been asked to remain shut in south and east Delhi. Mayors in these areas said “most people do not consume non-vegetarian food” for nine days hence, the shops have been asked to remain closed. No official orders have been issued in this regard.  

However, fearing action, several meat shop owners in these areas kept their establishments closed. There has been no such word from the North corporation,

While East Delhi Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal claimed that during Navratra “90 per cent people do not consume non-vegetarian food”, his south counterpart Mukesh Suryan said there was “no need to open meat shops” during the festival as “most people do not consume non-vegetarian food” during this period.

On closing of meat shops in areas under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), a senior official of the civic body said, “I have not come across any such proposal relating to the NDMC”.

While no official order has been issued so far, Suryan in a letter to SDMC Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti on Monday had said that “religious beliefs and sentiments of devotees are affected” when they come across meat shops or have to bear the foul smell of meat on their way to offer daily prayers to goddess Durga during Navratra.

Meat shops will not be allowed to open from Tuesday during Navratra till April 11, he had said and asked the municipal commissioner to ensure strict adherence of his directives.

“Most of the meat shops were closed today. Most people do not eat meat, onion-garlic during Navratra time. So keeping in view the religious sentiments of the public, there is no need to open meat shops during the Navratra festival. An order in this regard will be issued today,” Suryan told PTI on Tuesday.


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