Wearing of masks in public places is not mandatory in Haryana now


After Delhi and Maharashtra governments several states have decided to lift all the pandemic-related restrictions, including the mandatory wearing of face masks. The Haryana government on Saturday notified that wearing face masks in public places and workplaces was no longer mandatory.

“Wearing of face mask by each person, while being in public places and workplace, was made mandatory; is hereby withdrawn with immediate effects. No penalty or fine of 500/ shall be imposed or not wearing face masks in public/work places.”

The government advised the general public to adhere to the COVID appropriate behaviour and wearing face masks, frequent use of sanitisers and hand hygiene and maintaining social distance is desirable.

Earlier, Maharashtra, one of the worst-hit states, and West Bengal announced that all curbs related to the viral disease would be lifted, while Delhi decided to do away with the mandatory wearing of face masks at public places.

The withdrawal of the COVID-19 curbs came almost two years after the pandemic struck in March 2020. It is expected that some other states may follow suit in the coming days.

At a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) chaired by Lt Governor Anil Baijal, it was decided that there will be no fine for not wearing face masks at public places in the national capital, officials said.

They added that the DDMA, however, is likely to issue an advisory for people, asking them to use masks at crowded places. Currently, there is a fine of 500 for not wearing masks at public places in Delhi.

In Maharashtra, the state government announced that all Covid-related curbs, including the wearing of masks, would be lifted from April 2.

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