Expert on how long 3 vaccine dose protection lasts


The protection from 3 COVID vaccines lasts for over four months averting severe symptoms from the virus, a new study has shown. Earlier, several studies had also pointed out that the third dose is critical for Omicron. 

More than 121 days after being administered, third doses of vaccine still offered as much as 77.3% protection against symptoms that require hospitalization, a Danish study found. The study, published by Denmark’s Statens Serum Institut for infectious diseases, isn’t yet peer-reviewed.

It further pointed out that the third dose offered as much as 90.2% protection against hospitalization immediately after it was taken and that three shots reduces the risk of getting omicron by almost 50%.

Denmark was one of the countries first hit by the fast-spreading omicron variant. From November to March, 70% of its adult population contracted omicron. The Nordic country ended all virus restrictions on Feb. 1 because a high vaccination rate prevented omicron from overburdening its hospitals.

Well over two-thirds of the shots administered in Denmark were from Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech, with vaccinations from Moderna Inc. mostly making up the remainder, according to the institute.

Exhaustive record keeping by the Danish healthcare system meant researchers were able to compare near-complete data on vaccinations, hospitalizations and pre-existing conditions with highly detailed Covid testing records.

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