How to identify whether it’s cold or COVID


With COVID situation stabilising and authorities withdrawing the curbs, people have started returning to normal life. However, it is to be noted that COVID is not over yet and with several variants circulating, including recombinant strains, the chances of catching the virus again cannot be ignored. So, in case you are suffering from cold-like symptoms, then don’t take it too lightly, because it can be COVID. 

Do not dismiss cold-like symptoms as minor flu? 

Many Omicron patients have reported flu-like symptoms. Taking note of this, several experts have pointed out that this could be because of people’s vaccination status or immunity acquired from previous infections. But, the variant should not be taken lightly. 

8 Omicron symptoms that are similar to cold or flu… 

Cough, runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, fever and sneezing – are the 8 Omicron symptoms that are flu-like. As per a study published in infectious disease and epidemiology journal, Eurosurveillance, quoted by Independent, people who have been vaccinated can suffer from 8 flu-like symptoms in case they catch Omicron.

The study also said that cough, runny nose and fatigue were among the most common symptoms in the vaccinated individuals while sneezing and fever were least common.

What are the early signs of Omicron infections?

In case you are suffering from 2 distinct symptoms – fatigue and dizziness/ fainting – you should get tested for the virus as several experts suggest that these 2 signs indicate that you might have caught the infection.

More than simply feeling tired, fatigue can translate to bodily pain by causing sore or weak muscles, headaches, and even blurry vision and loss of appetite, the report by Independent said.

How to know whether it is Omicron or flu? 

In case you are suffering from these symptoms, you must get yourself tested, or self-isolate until the symptoms persist. This will only help curb the spread. According to the UK’s ZOE symptoms study app, here are the symptoms that could indicate the presence of Omicron in the body.

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