Ahead no-confidence motion, Imran Khan warns of strict action against ‘traitors


Ahead of the crucial voting on the no-confidence motion against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PM on Saturday targeted the opposition and said that legal action will be taken against ‘traitors’ who are involved in conspiring to topple the government.

“We are looking into it and we will decide by the night of the kind of legal action which we will have to take,” said Imran Khan while addressing the Pakistani youth.

“I sat with my lawyers for the entire day and we have made the plan. We will not spare these traitors under any circumstances,” he warned.

“We will file cases on all of them. However I am seeing with my lawyers as to what could be the better way to do it as we also need to abide by the law,” Imran Khan added.

This comes at a time when the PM said that he will share the ‘foreign-funded conspiracy’ letter with senior journalists and ally party members which has evidence that outside elements are trying to topple the government.

Upcoming voting for the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled on Sunday. In Pakistan’s National Assembly, the no-trust vote against the Imran Khan government was deferred to April 3.

Imran Khan received a massive blow when the PTI “lost the majority” in the National Assembly after losing its key ally in the coalition Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P). The MQM announced that it had struck a deal with the opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and would support the no-trust vote in the 342-member National Assembly.

The no-confidence motion was submitted by the Opposition parties on March 8. The Opposition has been confident that its motion would be carried as many PTI lawmakers have come out in the open against PM Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is the third Prime Minister to face the no-confidence motion in Pakistan. 

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text. Only the headline has been changed.

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