Delete this app immediately from your phone, it steals your FB data


The readily available third party apps that promise to enhance your photos, videos, etc may prove vulnerable also. We all end up downloading such apps from the open platform of Google Play Store and end up losing out private information to the scamsters or cybercriminals. One such app, Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, has been doing malicious things with your Facebook credentials. The news reports say that it has Trojan in the form of FaceStealer and could lead to being scammed.

The app asks you for the Facebook login and password but redirects to some unknown Russian servers where your private and confidential information like bios, credit card information, searches, messages, etc.

Although Google has removed this app but there could be thousands unknown users who might be using it and are getting exposed. If you have it on your mobile phone, delete it immediately.

According to Google Play Store, this app has been installed more than 100,000 times, which means many people are using it. If you are among those people, you need to uninstall Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools immediately and change your Facebook credentials. 

Be sure to use the genuine and verified apps for such enhancements in future. You can also followe these instructions to protect your phone and the information on it.

1: Turn on Google Play Protect by heading to Google Play Store > Profile > Play Protect > Settings > Turn on Scan apps with Play Protect.

2: Check your phone for security updates by going to Settings > System > System update.

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