Delhi University (DU) likely to offer job-oriented courses. Check all details here


Delhi University is likely to set up a centre to offer job-oriented courses for students enrolled in its Campus of Open Learning. The discussions for the same will be taken up at the academic council meeting on March 22.

Payal Mago, director, Campus of Open Learning, said, as quoted by PTI, “This centre will house a media centre and will provide online and experiential learning courses to students. To enhance the employability of students of the School of Open Learning (SOL), these will be skills-based courses and tailored as per their needs.”

What courses will be offered to the students? 

Initially, the centre will offer three diploma courses –journalism (English and Hindi), a postgraduate diploma in library automation services, and mushroom cultivation. There will be a mix of online and offline classes – either 50-50 per cent or 60-40 per cent.

The journalism course will be carried out in collaboration with Delhi University’s Hansraj College while for the other courses, experts have been identified.

The courses will be in accordance with the National Education Policy, according to the agenda of the meeting and nominal charges will be levied on the courses and and they will be run on a no-profit basis

(With inputs from agencies)

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