DRDO test-fires surface-to-air missile, target hit with ‘accuracy’


The Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) on Sunday successfully test-fired MRSAM-Army missile system flight tested from ITR Balasore, Odisha at around 10.30 am.”The object intercepted a high-speed aerial target at long range. The target was destroyed by the missile in a direct hit,” according to DRDO officials.

Army version of MRSAM is a surface to Air Missile developed jointly by DRDO, India and IAI, Israel for use of the Indian Army. MRSAM army weapon system comprises of Command post, Multi-Function Radar and Mobile Launcher system. The complete Fire Unit has been used during the launch in the deliverable configuration. 

The team from the users i.e. Indian Army also witnessed the launch. A number of range instruments such as radar, telemetry, and electro-optical tracking systems were deployed and captured the complete mission data, validating the weapon system performance including the destruction of the target.

The MRSAM system provides point and area air defence for ground assets against a wide range of threats including fighter aircraft, UAVs, helicopters, guided and unguided munitions, sub-sonic & supersonic cruise missiles etc. It is capable of engaging multiple targets at ranges up to 70 kms in severe saturation scenarios. The missile is powered by indigenously developed rocket motor and control system for achieving high manoeuvrability during the terminal phase.

The firing unit comprises of Missiles, Combat Management System (CMS), Mobile Launcher Systems (MLS), Advanced Long Range Radar, Mobile Power System (MPS), Radar Power System (RPS), Reloader Vehicle (RV) and Field Service Vehicle (FSV).

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