Gadkari dedicates two Highway Projects worth ₹2,334 Cr in Sangli, Maharashtra


Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Saturday dedicated to the nation two Highway Projects worth 2,334 Cr in Sangli, Maharashtra. The total length of two section of Highway Projects dedicated is 96.78 Kilo meters.

Speaking on the occasion, Gadkari informed that In Maharashtra, works worth more than 5 lakh crore have been done in the areas of roads, ports, shipping, small scale industries and irrigation in last seven years. He added that he strives to make Maharashtra the number one state in the country.

Addressing the gathering in Sangli after inaugurating the highway projects, Gadkri promised to start work on Sangli to Peth road in the next three to four months by issuing tenders. The minister added the length of roads in Sangli district has increased three and a half times in seven years.

Gadkari also spoke about the new National Highway being constructed between Pune and Bengaluru. He informed ‘It is a 699 km long green highway which will pass through the backward areas of Sangli, Satara and Kolhapur districts and will benefit the area immensely’.

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