Hyderabad traffic police updates on extension of discount offer on challans


Hyderabad traffic police has recently clarified there is no discussion on deadline extension of discount offer on vehicle challans. It means that the offer of a one-time discount on pending traffic challans will end on March 31. 

The special drive was launched to provide relief to vehicle owners. The discount is applicable for one month starting from March 1 to March 31.

AV Ranganath, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Hyderabad, had said the initiative has been taken considering the financial trouble faced by many people during the last two years due to the COVID pandemic. “Many people could not pay the outstanding challans on time. The challans were piled up. So to offer some relief, we have come up with this solution. This is not an income-generating or revenue-generating drive, this is to provide respite to commuters,” Ranganath said.

The two-wheelers and three-wheelers are given 75 per cent discounts which mean they have to pay only 25 per cent fine amount. For example, if the challan amount is 1,000, the vehicle owner has to pay only 250. Further, the light motor vehicle and heavy motor vehicles have given 50 per cent discounts and remaining 50 per cent is payable amount.

The RTC drivers have been given 70% discounts which means only 30 per cent of the fine amount is payable. The pushcarts vendors have been offered 80 per cent discounts.

Ranganath said for challans issued for not wearing a mask, 90 per cent discount has been provided. 

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