India still keeps prices of fertilisers, oil, gains in check despite worldwide hike


Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday said India has still kept prices of fertilizers, oils, grain in check, pointing out that globally prices of fuel, all edible oils, fertilizers have been hiked due to international conditions.

Goyal said, “The prices of fuel & almost all edibles, as well as fertilizers, have hiked in the whole world in view of the international condition. The world is facing problems due to inflation; India has still kept the prices of fertilizers, oil, grain, in check,” reported by ANI.

Today, petrol prices were hiked by 50 paisa and diesel has been raised by 55 paisa. In all, petrol prices have gone up by 3.70 per litre and diesel by 3.75 in six days. The rates have been increased across the country and vary from state to state depending upon the incidence of local taxation. After November last year, on March 22 the fuel prices were hiked for the first time and since then have been continuously rising.

Currently, petrol in Delhi is be sold at 99.11 per litre and diesel at 90.42 per litre. The petrol is costing at 113.88 after an increase of by 53 paise and after the hike by 58 paise diesel is sold at 98.13 in the finance capital Mumbai. In Mumbai, the prices are the highest among all the metros cities. In Chennai, the price of petrol is 104.90 and diesel is 95.00 and in Kolkata, the price of petrol is 108.53 and diesel is 93.57.

Fuel prices were on an upswing on the back of economic recovery amidst a slowdown in Coronavirus cases, however, Russia’s Ukraine invasion which boiled crude oil prices to new records further pushed petrol and diesel prices on the upside worldwide.

Goyal also spoke about Dubai Expo. He said in the report, “Our pavilion at DubaiExpo shows glimpses that India is becoming a world leader.” Furthermore, Goyal added that India is emerging as a preferred destination for investments, FDIs growing for the past 7 years.

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