Not happy with marks? Here’s what you can do


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) opened the grievance redressal window after declaring  Class 12 Term 1 Result on Saturday. In case the students are unhappy with their results, they can send their disputes to their school and schools can send the combined dispute to the board.

This online dispute redressal mechanism facility is going to be available till March 31, said CBSE. However, the disputes will be decided along with the verification schedule after the declaration of the term 2 results.

On Saturday, CBSE released Class 12 Term 1 results, and it was declared in a similar way, it had announced  Class 10 Term 1 results. It made the scores of theory marks of Class 12 term 1 available to the schools directly. The schools will have to combine them with the internal assessment and practical scores and make them available to the students. The CBSE said it has communicated only the scores of term 1 theory exams held in November-December 2021.

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