Tamil Nadu high school students’ work catches Tim Cook’s attention. Here’s why


Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook on Friday took to microblogging site Twitter to talk share the work of 40 high school students from Tamil Nadu, India. These children had taken pictures of their communities with the Apple iPhone 13 mini which is now exhibited at the Egmore Museum in the Southern state’s capital. 

“Forty high school students from Tamil Nadu, India captured the vibrance of their communities on iPhone 13 mini. Now their work is featured in the student showcase at the historic Egmore Museum for the Chennai Photo Biennale”, Cooks’ post read.

See the post here.

Cook in his post said that the students have captured the “vibrance of their communities”. The photographs, covering a wide range of topics, have been selected for the exhibition titled “A Land of Stories”.

“Tamil Nadu is a land of endless stories. With all the diverse people, food, architecture, landscapes, and cultural trails it has, exploring Tamil Nadu through pictures is a great way to reflect its richness,” a note on the official website read.

The organisers of the photo exhibition also said that the unfiltered vision of the students, and the endless stories of Tamil Nadu, come together to strike a compelling narrative with the viewer.

Chennai Photo Biennial

The Chennai Photo Biennial will exhibit these photos at the historic Egmore Museum in Chennai till 17 April. 

“’A Land of Stories’, an exhibition by 40 students from across Tamil Nadu, is now up at the Egmore Museum, Chennai until 17 April, 2022 from 9:30pm to 5pm. Visit the exhibition and experience Tamil Nadu through the lenses of our student artists. Join us for weekend guided tours of the exhibition to find out more about the workshops leading up to the showcase! The exhibition is also up at the Aptronix store in VR Mall, Chennai from 11am to 10pm,” read the official bulletin. 

You can get information about the exhibition at their official website. (chennaiphotobiennale.foundation/prism/a-land-of-stories )

iphone 13 mini camera

The iPhone 13 mini has a dual 12MP rear cameras along with a 12MP front lens. The main 12MP camera has a bigger sensor with larger pixels and a sensor-shift stabilization upgrade. It relies on a Sony sensor with 1.7µm pixels (vs. 1.4µm on the iPhone 12 mini). The lens is 26mm f/1.6. Instead of optical stabilization, this camera now uses the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s sensor-shift stabilization. This means the sensor itself is stabilized in real-time and not the lens akin to the in-body stabilization or IBIS seen on many large-sensor digital cameras.

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