WHO on why countries are failing to manage the pandemic


Speaking again about the importance of vaccine equity, World Health Organisation (WHO) officials said that if we move away from the decided target then there will be severe consequences – more people that get sick, more people that die & eventually more variants that emerge. Time and again, the UN health agency has mentioned that we cannot come out of the pandemic unless and until every country has the access to COVID vaccines.

Speaking on the issue recently, WHO’s Bruce Aylward pointed out, “If more groups move away from the 70% target, we have more #COVID19 transmission in the world, more people that get sick, more people that die & eventually more variants that emerge & possibly frustrate all the progress that’s has been made so far”

“We still don’t know a lot about the virus. There is still a lot of uncertainty. But what we know is that the virus will continue to evolve, it will continue to surprise us. And we doknow that if people are not vaccinated then they will face consequences.”

“… Everyone needs to be offered the vaccine among the healthcare workers, high-risk populations etc. But every time we lower our target we are making it easier for the virus to spread,”he added.

Will the immunity from COVID vaccines wane completely over time?

Earlier, WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove mentioned COVID-19 vaccines are incredibly effective in preventing severe disease and deaths. We do see waning over time and that is why we take more than one dose. And as we enter the 3rd year of the pandemic, we expect to see some waning over time. It depends on the type of vaccines you have taken, the number of doses and also age and underlying conditions.

What is WHO’s stand on 3rd and 4th dose?

Speaking on the 4th dose, the WHO official said, it is really critical that people get vaccinated. “But, first our focus is to make vaccines accessible to those who have not even received a single dose of them. And, once that process is complete then we will focus more on the 4th dose,” Kerkhove adds.

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