Are People Actually Not Constructed For Utopia?

Utopia, what’s it about? A constructive imaginative and prescient of the long run.

What is it about folks working collectively, dwelling collectively, being collectively with out battle that annoys folks? Why is dystopia so compelling for folks? I imply, I might offer you 1000’s of examples of this, nevertheless it’s one thing that Gene Roddenberry needed to do

You know I’m an enormous Star Trek fan. Gene Roddenberry needed to indicate his very best future, and other people wouldn’t meet one another’s destiny in his good future. People would work collectively no matter their race or no matter their gender, no matter their gender, no matter what they had been, no matter their faith. People would work collectively for the widespread good that it was. Utopia envisioned a Utopia the place humanity and people labored collectively, and maybe the aliens labored in opposition to the aliens who had been a supply of battle between the people. He tried to do that with Next Generation the primary few seasons of The Next Generation when he was nonetheless round; he needed to indicate cohesion between the crew. The human beings had advanced past their variations that, at the least within the Federation in Starfleet, it was Utopia; it wasn’t a dystopia. It was a utopia.

Yet for some purpose we do not like utopias.

I imply, why are folks drawn to dystopian futures? I imply, there’s numerous dystopian science fiction on the market. There are a great deal of dystopian uh motion pictures, books and television exhibits. The world has ended. The world is horrible. It’s been destroyed. Aliens will come down and they’ll destroy us. How many occasions have you ever seen a Utopia in fiction the place it is a good factor there is not a Sinister Menace beneath, you already know, consuming folks and turning into folks in Soylent Green or one thing like that? It’s simply Utopia, issues are nice. Humans have advanced to a degree sooner or later the place issues are nice.

Do you bear in mind This Side Of Paradise? The crew ended up on this planet that was so bizarre as a result of it was emitting all this radiation. According to all of the radiation that this planet was emitting or the solar was emitting, each human on that planet ought to have suffered a degradation, one thing would have harm them. Yet everybody on the planet was extremely wholesome for one purpose or one other. As it turned out, there was a Spore that was bothering everybody, and after they had been contaminated with the Spore, not solely did they begin to really feel pleased, however in addition they began to really feel utopian.

They bought properly; all their cancers went away and all their well being issues went away, so not solely had been they tremendous wholesome, they had been content material, so folks had been wholesome and pleased on this airplane. So it was all due to these spores that had contaminated the folks on the planet, and naturally what occurs is Kirk is available in and says, pay attention, man, I wasn’t meant to be like this man. He was not meant to dwell in paradise, man was meant to scribble and make conflict and struggle for all moments of freedom. Paradise being given to them isn’t one thing that man needs you to assume is true. Do you assume all of us need the battle? Do you imagine that each one folks need to struggle, or do we wish Utopia? Would we fairly be in a struggle, a relentless battle to outlive to dwell to develop, or do we wish the world round us to assist us to assist us thrive?

I do not learn about you, however I’d like to dwell in a perhaps not full Utopia, however in one thing higher than what we’ve in the present day. There are locations on the earth which might be higher than others. This is true, and there are stumps on the earth which might be higher than others. This is true. There are techniques on the earth which might be extra attuned to nature and fewer to nature.

Why do none of us really feel worthy of a utopia? Is it spiritual or Christian as a result of we had been thrown out of the Garden of Eden for consuming the forbidden fruit?

Why do we expect that Utopia can’t be constructed right here on Earth? Why do not we attempt to create a Utopia for all of humanity as an alternative of making an attempt to struggle amongst ourselves?

If you consider it, we might have been there; we could possibly be the place we need to be we could possibly be in a extra romantic place if we simply need to if we take actions to grow to be extra utopian to construct that utopian world and i believe it is as a result of we’ve to resolve what it’s what can we really feel there’s something in widespread that each one folks imagine is nice is there a well-known world we might all wish to dwell in that we wish to mannequin our world after and why do not all of us work on that world the world of all folks is flourishing and never some individuals are thriving and others will not be thriving, can we construct that type of world the place as in Roddenberry’s future Utopia is within the post-scarcity world.

Can we construct a world the place we do not have folks at one another’s throats on a regular basis? Can we create a world the place all of us get alongside? I do not assume it is particular to nations, political techniques or something. It’s one thing that folks must resolve. We must resolve amongst ourselves that we will get higher and construct a utopia, and we do not simply need to create a utopia, however we need to dwell extra in a utopia. We need to throw away our dystopian visions and inform ourselves that we need to construct a world that’s higher for everybody, all folks. We must make that call, and we’ve to work for it, and we’ve to struggle for it, and we’ve to surrender our petty infighting and work for the flourishing of the complete human race.

Are we as much as the duty?

Do we wish Utopia?

Do we really feel that Utopia is nice?

Do we expect folks deserve a utopia?


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