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Creativity Is A Selection And A Behavior

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Begins January 11 – 18 Days To Artistic Energy

Learn Find Out How To Apply Creativity To All Of Your Tasks

Yes, you possibly can enhance your creativity. It does not matter should you suppose you’re artistic or not. It does not matter if you cannot draw, write poems, paint fairly photos, play the guitar like Eric Clapton, sing like Joni Mitchell or improvise like Robin Williams. You have extra artistic energy than you already know. Click by way of for particulars on The Creative Flow Challenge.

You can enhance your creativity by way of perspective, instruments, strategies and every day follow. Experienced “creatives” can up their recreation. Those who imagine that they aren’t artistic in any respect might change their lives by selecting and practising creativity.

Get Into Your Artistic Circulate Now

Join The Creative Flow Challenge, unblock your creativity, be taught and set up the artistic behavior. 2021 will not know what hit him. Facilitated by Greg Fraleywriter of the groundbreaking enterprise novel about artistic considering, Jack’s pocket book.


Improve your capacity to discover every thing. This results in higher concepts.

Improve your capacity to shift views. So you’re employed on the precise issues and make higher choices in regards to the tasks you wish to tackle.

Get higher at producing concepts. Just be taught to brainstorm. Learn find out how to get into that elusive Flow.

Learn find out how to refine and enhance concepts. Big concepts must be tamed to be workable, small concepts must be strengthened to make sense.

Get to know habits and artistic circulate that focus and allow you to create on daily basis. Create habits that result in larger artistic effectiveness.

Join Facilitator Gregg Fraley In January Creative Flow Challenge.

It’s 18 days of every day e mail provocations. Weekly Zoom calls. Closed Facebook group to share concepts and outcomes.

December Problem Report Individuals:

“I wrote eight songs in the first ten days of the challenge.”

“During the eighteen days I shifted my focus and ended up writing four short stories.”

“I knew some of the tools that were used in the challenge. I was jaded and stopped using them for work projects. Imagine my surprise when on the second day I redesigned an innovation project that had lost momentum using a MindMap. This is really useful.”

“I was stuck before I started the challenge. I was so depressed I couldn’t do anything. This got me going and broke the bottleneck. I am now taking steps that I have not taken in years.”


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