Monday Ideas From Room44 – Inflation, Turtles And Shared Workspace

Most Mondays we attempt to publish a brief listing of thought-provoking info related to the time of yr and present occasions.

It just isn’t a science mission, quite a listing of issues that catch our consideration through the week of studying, watching and absorbing by osmosis.

If one thing catches your eye, get in contact. It will likely be a pleasure to speak;


Music streams within the US reached one trillion streams this yr, a rise of 11.9 billion from 2021.

Natural future

Turtles that reside to be 150 years previous achieve this in the identical youthful state as they had been after they had been 50.

Future of labor

“…employees who work from home may be ‘socially disconnected from their organization’. Their work could be less inspired, …, and companies could achieve a higher turnover.”

  • Malcolmn Gladwell,

Wework reinvented – watch the rising pattern for extra retail area. Failed (and failing) department shops are regenerated as retail items mixed with meals courts and shared workspace.


Inflation examples within the UK, over the previous yr:

Cheddar cheese +26%

Dog meals +31%

Butter +27%

Milk +36%

Brussels sprouts -2%

Eggs +50%

In 2019, three years after the ‘BREXIT’ referendum, Jacob Rees-Mogg is quoted as having mentioned, “I see the opportunity of cheaper food, clothing and footwear, particularly helping the incomes of the poorest in our society.”


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