New Analysis Reveals That Magnetism Doesn’t Trigger Paranormal Experiences. – Innovation Passion

SOURCE: The Swedish Research Council

Until now, we knew that or it has been proven that psychic experiences might be achieved through electromagnetic stimulation of the temporal lobe. Now scientists at Uppsala and Lund Universities in Sweden are questioning the design of the experiments and are due to this fact questioning the outcomes. Their examine with similar magnetic subject gadgets did not yield such a relationship.

Previous analysis has reported that people have paranormal experiences when their mind’s temporal lobe is uncovered to ultraweak, advanced magnetic fields.

According to their examine performed on some individuals, they skilled the presence of a sentient being despite the fact that the participant has been sitting on their lonesome. Many individuals have made non secular interpretations of the perceived presence. One conclusion that may be drawn from these findings is that non secular experiences might be simply achieved by way of electromagnetic stimulation of the temporal lobe. These sensational outcomes have due to this fact obtained lots of media consideration.

In this context, because of this neither the participant nor the researcher interacting with her or him is aware of whether or not the participant belongs to the experimental situation (magnetic fields activated) or management situation (magnetic fields not activated). The cause for this methodological rule is that any variations between the teams might in any other case be attributable to irrelevant components.

About 90 bachelor college students of theology and psychology participated within the examine. The magnetic subject system used was similar to that utilized in earlier research. The outcomes confirmed that the magnetic fields didn’t set off non secular or paranormal experiences.

Therefore, the outcomes present that the sensational conclusions in regards to the results of publicity to magnetic fields drawn in earlier research needs to be questioned.


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