Tech Layoffs And Disillusionment In Silicon Valley

This morning’s information flash was impressed by a tweet referring to the latest layoffs at Tech in Silicon Valley, now not thought of the very best place to work in tech. Other messages inform tales of staff disenchanted that they’ll now not get pleasure from free pizza within the cafeteria earlier than attending conferences within the “confetti room”. Basically, all of it appears like a failed love story. The essential query that one of many sources I learn this morning highlights: Is coddling your staff a good suggestion?

Tech Layoffs And Disillusionment In Silicon Valley

This is how Midjourney, as at all times very “creative”, sees layoffs occurring in Silicon Valley

Tech Layoffs In Silicon Valley: Deja Vu

First within the Nineties (the good IT disaster), then within the 2000s (the web bubble).

These intervals are etched in my reminiscence. No doubt the large IT firm I labored for within the 90s wasn’t as “cool” as Meta or Google, however we cherished it, and rightfully so.

We discovered loads there, traveled the world and the work was inventive and thrilling. Then a complete new period of labor was invented. Certainly far more inventive than promoting CPCs for a search engine.

Fired in Silicon Valley
Tech fired: completely hilarious, that is how Midjourney interprets “fired”

A Sector Of The Long Run

I used to be blown away throughout these years and for good cause. As a newcomer to the world of IT, coming from the ill-fated family equipment trade, the long run seemed shiny. “This is the industry of the future,” I used to be instructed.

And it was true, real-time computing modified the lives of all staff worldwide, not just some. The identical might be true for the applied sciences developed in Silicon Valley.

Yet I’ve seen all the large tech firms disappear: DEC, Control Data, Data General, ICL, Compaq and so forth.

Anticipation Of The 2002 Purge

In 2001-2002 one other purge was coming, however this time I used to be not shocked. In a matter of months, 4 years of labor was kicked to the curb. A colleague got here with a van to place the servers within the trunk. A nuclear IT winter started.

Fired in Silicon Valley
A brief seek for layoffs in Silicon Valley within the Wall Street Journal

There is little doubt that the way in which of working in these fashionable know-how firms and what we knew within the prehistory of the daybreak of real-time computing don’t have anything in widespread.

No Leisure Or Treats

In these days there was no leisure, no sweet, no confetti room and even much less TikTok to submit movies of your office.

It’s true that I do not eat sweets, I watch my weight and I have not performed foosball since I left college.

Excessively “coddled” Staff

I like to recommend market‘s submit on the subject that acquired me interested by this case. Surely there’s a state of affairs that appears unfair and even incomprehensible. The present interval has nothing to do with the good web disaster of the 2000s.

There is not any collapse, no reversal of fortunes and even a few of the firms that take a beating on the inventory market develop by… 12% (unbelievable however true).

So there’s something seemingly irrational about this (this is the reason).

But these unhappy details apart, the Marketplace article’s questions are price mentioning.

  • First is a technology of staff who’ve been “coddled” and are available to phrases with the tough realities of an unforgiving working world
  • Then there are staff who stay and breathe their work, a phenomenon notably acute within the US.

Excerpt And Meals For Thought

“I am not in favor of anyone losing their job. But I think there’s a major reckoning of employee expectations right now,” said Nolan Church, who is now a tech recruiting consultant and has previously worked with DoorDash and Google.

In the past decade, he said, there has been a combination of easy money and hard-to-find talent in tech. That led to something of an arms race to be known as the best place to work. “But in retrospect, this has led to a generation of workers who expect to be pampered,” he added. “Now employees are utterly shocked that their jobs are no longer safe, that the perks and amenities they once had are evaporating pretty quickly.” [Source]

I’ve at all times puzzled what these “nice locations to work” are because every time I saw the assigned label I wondered what was behind it.

Since I am self-employed, I no longer wonder if my job will be lost. Oddly enough, I have no job security and have never felt more secure.

Maybe because I can only count on getting out of tough situations if there are any.

Being “coddled” may not provide protection, it may actually make you more vulnerable.

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