Try One Thing Completely Different – Destination Innovation

“If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.” This hackneyed saying pops up all over the place. It is variously credited to Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Tony Robbins, Marian Diamond, and several other others. The drawback is that it is simply not true. The world is altering. It is fleeting and unsure. Things that labored effectively final yr may go higher this yr, however they’re extra prone to work worse or in no way. If I at all times put $50 price of fuel in my tank, I’m getting rather a lot much less gas at the moment than I used to be just a few months in the past. In the final 30 years, issues have turn into dearer – besides people who have not – reminiscent of the price of information storage or flights. Markets change, fashions change, attitudes change. What was acceptable up to now is probably not acceptable now – as a consequence of Covid or local weather change or Metoo or any variety of different influences.

If what you at all times did produced the identical outcomes, then we may plan our lives very fortunately. We may depend on comparable outcomes for our advertising and marketing and gross sales campaigns. But we all know that is simply not the case. Campaigns that labored effectively up to now typically turn into exhausted and must be changed.

In many circumstances, the saying is used to induce you to attempt one thing completely different. And that is price it. We should settle for uncertainty (as a certainty!). We should query each assumption. We ought to attempt many experiments to enhance our understanding of a world that’s altering round us. A greater motto might be; “If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work anymore, stop using it. Keep asking questions and trying something different to see what works.” This recommendation doesn’t stumble off the tongue like the primary saying. But I’m positive it is a greater information.


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